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Dance Studio Etiquette

Whether you are new to dance, or a seasoned student, it is always good to review the following important dance studio rules and expectations. By doing so, you will ensure that you get the most out of your classes and instruction.

Basic Dance Class Etiquette
Dance class etiquette is simple, and to summarize it, dancers in Waldorf Ballet dance classes are expected to be respectful, try hard, and be prepared.

Be on time. If you are late, quietly join the class and apologize to your teacher after class for being late.


Notify the studio regarding absences in advance whenever possible. Regular and dedicated attendance is imperative to the progression of every dancer's education. 

Respect your teacher. Say please and thank you, appreciate your corrections, do not talk over your teacher when he/she is teaching a lesson.

Come to class prepared to dance. Follow the dance studio dress code, pull your hair back securely in a ponytail or bun, and always bring appropriate shoes to class.

Be kind. Respect the other students, instructors, and parents at the dance studio.  Encourage each other, and help to create a fun inclusive dance space for everyone.

Always dance full out. Do not sit down during class unless instructed by your teacher, and always practice full-out, as if you were performing for an audience.

Keep socialization to a minimum in class. Do not talk during an exercise, and ask questions before the exercise begins, or after it is complete.

No cell phones or toys in class. Leave your phone, toys, accessories, etc, in your bag or at home.

Do not chew gum. Keep chewing gum, candy, and food/drinks - other than water in water bottles - in the change room.

Go to the washroom before class. Also remember to eat and hydrate yourself properly throughout the day to ensure your body is ready to participate fully in class.

Thank your teacher and accompanist at the end of class. Show your gratitude by clapping or saying thank you after each class.

Respect your dance studio. Clean up after yourself, put your garbage in the trash, and do not leave your belongings laying around.

Always remember your studio etiquette even at external activities and events. Dance should be fun, so make friends, enjoy the experiences, and be proud of your accomplishments - both big and small. Let’s continue to represent Waldorf Ballet in the community as the positive and supportive dance family that we are!

If you ever have any questions or concerns please let us know!

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