Registration Form

By submitting this form the applicant certifies that s/he is the parent and/or legal guardian of the above minor child. I give permission for the above named student to participate in the program offered by WALDORF BALLET LTD. I hereby release WALDORF BALLET LTD, its owners, directors, staff, employees, and independent contractors, volunteer helpers, and landlords from any and all liability that may result from myself, my children, or any member of my family participating in dance lessons, rehearsals, or any function sponsored by WALDORF BALLET LTD.

I agree to hold WALDORF BALLET LTD its owners, directors, staff, employees and independent contractors, volunteer helpers, and landlords 100% harmless for any and all injury that may result from my dancer, myself, or any member of my family participating in the activities listed above. Our participation is completely voluntary.

I have listed any special medical problems that I have or my child receiving dance lessons has below. Our family doctor approves of our participation in the above listed activities in spite of these medical problems. I further authorize any representative of WALDORF BALLET LTD to obtain any medical treatment that may be deemed necessary.

I further give permission for any photos and videos taken during this program to be used in promotion of WALDORF BALLET LTD.

IMPORTANT: Class sizes are limited. Placement will not be held until payment has been received.

We currently accept payment via credit/debit online, e-transfer, cash or cheque.


I have read and reviewed the above waiver and agree to it's content.

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Artistic Director, Johanna Waldorf, ARAD, RAD RTS

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