Junior Professional Training

Our new Junior Professional Training Program will enable young dancers to pursue a dedicated level of training in classical and contemporary dance.

The program schedule will include Ballet, Contemporary, & Modern with knowledgeable and highly trained instructors to mentor and guide their learning and future goals.

The program will also offer valuable individual and group experiences through Royal Academy of Dance examinations, participation in performing arts festivals, and multiple performance opportunities.

Assessment or Summer Intensive required for new applicants.

Professional Training
(Intermediate 10yrs+ & Advanced 14yrs+)

The Professional Training Programs are dedicated programs for aspiring professional dancers. Their schedules include intense training hours, some of which are early afternoon in collaboration with local elementary and high schools.

Classes include Ballet, Pre-Pointe and Pointe Technique, Repertoire, Contemporary, Modern, PBT & Pilates with knowledgeable and highly trained instructors and guests.

Dancers will have the possibility to enter for Royal Academy of Dance Vocational level examinations which are recognized by the B.C. Ministry of Education.


Our current professional program students have successfully participated in numerous dance festivals including invitations to B.C. Provincials, local and international level summer programs, and multiple performance opportunities both on and off coast.

Assessment or Summer Intensive required for new applicants.