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Ask the right questions: Choosing a dance school

Qualifications of the teachers are important. Check on the studio's website and review the schools where the teachers studied. Also review the companies they may have worked for. Do your research. It is important that the student receives good information as well as an experienced teacher who can teach your child safely. Since dance is not "monitored" (meaning no certifications are required to work for recreational studios), you want to make sure the studio is hiring teachers who are properly trained.

Ballet technique will show the studio's "temperature." Look for their older students and observe their ballet technique. Even if you do not know a lot about ballet, their older dancers' ballet technique will show the school's efforts.

Schools with a set structure will help you navigate your child's education. For example, something as simple as a dress code can bring a level of professionalism to the school. This is what you're looking for: Levels, curriculum, exams. These are all stepping stones which make the education process clear. This way you know where your child should be and how to track their progress.

Pre-professional training will require significantly more in the time commitment department, as well as financial commitment department. Pre-professional training will have students in class multiple times a week, for many hours. Most of the hours will be dedicated to ballet classes. Class sizes tend to be smaller, and teacher qualifications tend to be at a higher level.

The goal is to find a place where your child can learn proper technique safely, be happy, and your financial investment can shine through! What you don't want is to spend a lot of money and time for a poor dance education which could result in injuries for your child.

Fact: Dance training is expensive.

Fact: Dance training is a rather large time commitment.

Fact: Dance training is working with muscles/bones/developmental growth.

Fact: It is important that you research schools, ask questions and choose one that fits what you are looking for in a school and for your child.

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